*harharhar* Wednesday, August 4, 2004 @ 08:48 p.m.
Hi peoples. I got lazy. I'm procrastinating. I have school during the summer! Shoot me for not doing anything. oh wells.



*Hi* Saturday, May 8, 2004 @ 11:40 p.m.
Hi. Nothing new. School's boring as usual. My dog is an idiot as usual. Prep school sucks as usual. Everything sucks...oh wells...can't wait till Two comes out next month...anyways...won't be updating till maybe year..bye!

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*Whoa* Monday, October 6, 2003 @ 11:36 a.m.
Yes, Yes. I said I was going to put up a new layout didn't I? Well, too bad! I'm busy, busy, busy! Remember Banana Split!? That got cut off because of school right? Well, I'm keeping this site up, BUT! I'm not going to be updating often. I've got lots! I've got school, school hw, prep school, prep school hw, piano, piano hw, and I've got to manage a little stupid idiotic dog (I'm kidding, she's sweet as honey and cute as a button). Not enough time to manage a blog. I'll try to do something next 3-day-weekend! (Don't be expecting anything, I'm always unreliable)


P.S>> For now, I'm just going to keep updates on my xanga..simple, simple xanga, but I can't live without xanga soo...

*Haitus* Tuesday, September 2, 2003 @ 12:33 p.m.
Hey!! I'm going on Haitus for a while. I'm making a new layout which is currently half finished I guess. I just need to get the coding done and put it up. I said I was going to do the Ataris for my next layout but, you know me, I never do the layout theme I say I'm going to do. Did that make sense? Anywho..just a hint, the next layout is going to be of Happy Bunny. You know, that bunny that always says funny "disses"? (ie. you suck and that's sad, hi loser, hi dorkwad, whatever, moron...) Well, okay, I've got do some house cleaning for my mom first =D Then I'll work on the layout.

P.S>> Vicky, for some reason my msn doesn't work, if you're reading this, go onto AOL?
P.P.S>> Did I mention I'm getting a second piercing for my ears on Wednesday? I'm excited! *woot woot* Then I plan to dye my hair a yellow-ish-orange or maybe a golden brown? Dunno. Haha, I'm just your average lots of piercings-hair-dyed asian...as are many others...

*Wishlist* Wednesday, August 27, 2003 @ 06:36 p.m.
Hi..I'm extremely, extremely bored. And I recently discovered something I LOVE..again. I used to collect beanie babies when I was like 8 or something, but I eventually stopped because I thought it was meaningless(I was young and hopeless). Anyways, I'm sure you know what I'm about to say, I'm into collecting them again. I got this freaking adorable beanie babies. I got a bunny named Grace which I was looking for just to prove to my dumbass friend that I could, LoL, and I got a hamster named Pellet which I was GOING to give to my friend but ended up keeping it because it was so darn cute, and it reminded me of my hamsters, all 6 of them, LoL!! (Take note that I didn't have all 6 at once, they all died in the last 6 years). Well anyways, here's a note to all my friends, for any birthday, gift, whatever, get me either a beanie babie, or a Sims game, or just money! LoL..Yeah, I keep saying that..

Anyways!! I'm extremely bored and Ashley left back to Hawaii today?? I dunno. Personally I didn't know her too well, sooo I'm not suffering too much of a loss. Many, many friends have moved before...many of them who were boys..none of them who were Boyfriends if that's what you're thinking thank-you-very-much. But I miss them all very much..*sniff sniff* Okay, I don't think I mentioned it before in the first paragraph, but I started a wishlist? So far I'm not done, I'm only getting started! ;P Even though I have like, I BILLION Beanie Babies listed already...

I'm going to edit later, I have to feed my pee-bag a.k.a Hunny a.k.a my dog. LoL! It's not a flea bag, it's a pee-bag!


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Age: 12
D.o.B: April 23, 1991
Sign: Taurus and Ram(chinese)
Location: Ny, USA
Nationality: Shanghainese [Chinese]
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Name: Hunny
D.o.B: April 18, 2003
Gender: Female
Breed: Chihuahua-Purebred(I think)
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TY Beanie Babies(take note that I'm collecting them)
  • Catnap the Lion
  • Grazer the Cow
  • Puddles the Duck


  • Flipflop the Duck
  • Hopscotch the Frog
  • Kitty the Lion
  • Snort the Pig
  • Splash the Duck
  • Treetop the Giraffe
  • T-Bone the Cow

    Beanie Babies

  • Amigo the Dog
  • Blessed the Bear
  • Fancy the Cat
  • Filly the Horse
  • Fridge the Polar Bear
  • Lullaby the Lamb
  • Lumberjack the Beaver
  • Orion the Lion
  • Rumba the Tiger
  • Schitznel the Dog
  • Seadog the Newfoundland Dog
  • Sunray the Manta Ray
  • Tabs the Cat
  • Wish the Starfish
  • Zoom the Turtle
    Retired Beanie Babies
  • Ally the Alligator
  • April the Bear
  • April 2003 the Birthday Bear
  • Aruba the Angelfish
  • Aurora the Polar Bear
  • Bam the Ram
  • Bandito the Racoon
  • Bernie the Saint Bernard
  • Bessie the Cow
  • Blizzard the White Tiger
  • Bongo the Monkey
  • Bucky the Beaver
  • Bumble the Bee
  • Buttercream the April 2003 Beanie of the Month
  • Canyon the Cougar
  • Cappuccino the May 2003 Beanie of the Month
  • Caw the Crow
  • Cheddar the Mouse
  • Chilly the Bear
  • China the Bear
  • Chipper the Chipmunk
  • Cottonball the Bunny
  • Crunch the Shark
  • Cupid the Dog
  • Dog (Zodiac)
  • Dragon (Zodiac)
  • Daisy the Cow
  • Derby the Horse
  • Digger the Crab
  • Dinky the Dodo
  • Dizzy the Dalmation
  • Dotty the Dalmation
  • Echo the Dolphin
  • Ewey the Lamb
  • Flash the Dolphin
  • Flashy the Peacock
  • Fleece the Lamb
  • Fleecie the Lamb
  • Float the Butterfly
  • Flutter the Tye-Dye Butterfly
  • Fortune the Panda
  • Freckles the Lepoard
  • Frigid the Penguin
  • Frills the Hornbill Bird
  • Frisbee the Dog
  • Goat (Zodiac)
  • Glider the Prehistoric Bird
  • Goatee the Mountain Goat
  • Gracie the Swan

    Beanie Buddies

  • Bonsai the Chimpanzee
  • Charmer the Unicorn
  • Empress the Cat
  • Frolic the Dog
  • Hoofer the Horse
  • Magic the Dragon
  • Mattie the Cat
  • Poseidon the Whale
  • Schweetheart the Orangutan
  • Spring the Bunny
    Retired Beanie Buddies
  • Amber the Gold Tabby
  • Baldy the Eagle
  • Bananas the Orangutan
  • Bubbles the Fish
  • Bushy the Lion
  • Cassie the Collie
  • Chilly the Bear
  • Chops the Lamb
  • Coral the Fish <-- I want this BAD
  • Dragon the Dragon (??)
  • Ears the Bunny
  • Eggbert the Baby Chick
  • Fetch the Golden Retriever
  • Fleece the Lamb
  • Flip the Cat
  • Flitter the Butterfly
  • Giganto the Wooly Mammoth
  • Gobbles the Turkey
  • Goochy the Tye-Dye Jellyfish
  • Grace the Bunny
  • Halo the Angel Bear
  • Halo II the Angel Bear
  • Hippy the Bunny
  • Hope the Praying Bear
  • India the Tiger
  • Inky the Octopus
  • Lucky the Ladybug
  • Mystic the Unicorn
  • Neon the Seahorse
  • Oats the Horse
  • Peking the Bear
  • Pouch the Kangaroo
  • Pugsly the Dog
  • Regal the King Charles Spaniel
  • Seal the Seal
  • Slither the Snake
  • Speedy the Turtle
  • Spinner the Spider
  • Squealer the Pig
  • Tracker the Basset Hound
  • Trotter the Horse
  • Twigs the Giraffe
  • Waddle the Penguin
  • Weenie the Dog
  • White Tiger the Tiger
  • Wrinkles the Dog
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